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With Almost Two Million Wine Producers In The World, What Makes Your Wine Unique?

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Wine may be your passion, but it’s also your business. To keep your business growing and thriving, you must sell your wine.

According to Wine Spectator’s sister publication Market Watch, 31.4 billion bottles of wine are sold each year worldwide. Why do buyers choose one bottle over another? And more importantly, how do you make your bottle the one they choose time after time?

Discover Your Wine’s USP

One of the first thing copywriters must do before writing a single word about a product is determine that product’s Unique Selling Proposition, or USP. Basically, we need to know what makes the product different, better, and worth the price requested.

I love that wine is a natural product which can vary dramatically from year to year, vineyard to vineyard, and producer to producer. These variances create many possible stories which can be used for a USP. While some people may think all wine is the same, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Finding a wine’s USP takes some digging, but it’s worth the effort.

Where To Start

So how do you determine your wine’s USP which will form the basis of your marketing strategy? Here are a few questions to consider:


  • How is your wine the best in the marketplace? First you need to have your ideal client in mind. Is your target market a blossoming wine drinker looking for a bottle for tonight’s dinner, or are you focused on a more sophisticated collector who may be interested in cellaring a case of your wine? How does your wine appeal to your target consumer better than the other wines in the same market?

  • How can your wine change your target market’s life? Before you can change a consumer’s buying habits, you need to understand why they buy what they buy. Are they looking for the best bargain on the shelf? Maybe they are expanding their palate with a less familiar varietal? Are they trying to impress a new love interest with a special bottle? Once you understand the consumer’s end game, you can tailor your marketing approach accordingly.

  • How will your wine meet your customer’s needs better or differently than any other? Do you offer a superb quality wine for an economical price? Are you selling a boutique, cult wine which is in high demand? Are you trying to appeal to the masses, or white tablecloth restaurants, or only private club members?

  • Can your wine make the consumer look smarter or more attractive? We all know that wine snob who loves to brag about the latest $200 bottle of wine he opened. Then there’s the guy who can’t wait to share his latest brilliant find which cost him less than $8.

  • Does your wine have an awesome backstory, interesting historical fact, or unusual name which could become the personal story which distinguishes it from all others? Statistics show that many wine buyers rely solely on the label design to choose their wine. In coordination with your label, your website and marketing materials can underscore how your wine is unique and why it deserves a try.

  • For more details about increasing your brand awareness, and examples of creative label marketing, see my article:

You Don’t Have To Do This Alone

As a wine copywriter, I can help you determine your wine’s USP and create a strategy emphasizing why your wine is the best choice for your target market. Your unique plan might include website page creation or revision, social media, email campaigns, wine club offerings, newsletters, press releases, articles, product descriptions, new brand launches and much more.

If you are unsure about your wine’s USP and how to maximize your brand awareness in the marketplace, I’m happy to brainstorm with you to create a fresh, new approach which is sure to increase sales, promote return buyers, and boost your overall, bottom line profits.

Feel free to contact me at or check out my website and let's discuss how I can solve your unique marketing needs.

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