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Wendy delivers!


"Finding a writer to write about elearning and mental health was a daunting task. There are many writers that talk up a good game, but very few that deliver. Wendy delivers. It was a relief to be able to entrust her with difficult writing tasks. I highly recommend working with Wendy. "


~ Andrew Macia, Red Door Studios

With our company based in Colombia, a Spanish-speaking country, but focused on serving foreign clientele, communicating can be challenging, especially when not only the founders but also the rest of the team are native Spanish speakers. 


Having Wendy help our Multi-Family Office with our communications strategy has brought many benefits to our firm. We believe that delivering our message is key, especially as a company that offers such specific and personalized services. 


She has been creative, resourceful, punctual and perceptive at directing different messages to our clients, prospects and allies. 


~ Felipe Gutierrez, Gutierrez Group


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